10 of the best ways to enjoy an autumn day

I love October and the autumn season. From the changing leaves, falling conkers and pumpkin patches… there’s so much to see and explore during this time of year. If you and your family have been wanting to get Out and About more, then autumn is a brilliant time to start getting out! Explore your local parks and countryside, wrap up with a hat and scarf and don’t forget those wellies!

Here are my 10 of the best ways to enjoy an autumn day out with kids:


Get your hat and scarf, put on your big coat and head out for that autumn walk. It’s such a lovely time to explore the great outdoors. The leaves are changing colours and falling all around, it’s such a great time of year to get outdoors.


There’s nothing quite like picking your own produce, whether it’s yummy strawberries to eat in the summer or the perfect pumpkin (even if it’s just to carve) in October. The last couple of years we have been to Cockfields Farm for their Pumpkin Festival. This year was even bigger and better. I loved their Pumpkin Village, it was picture perfect!


All kids love to collect conkers. I usually end up piles of them at home (which isn’t too bad as apparently they keep spiders away). From playing games to getting crafty, there’s plenty of things to do with the conkers you collect. although the collecting is the favourite part for my children. Find out the best places to find conkers in Greater Manchester. Conkers usually start falling in September so don’t leave it too long before heading out to collect them. My children also love to collect sticks, pebbles, acorns, pine cones, feathers…… anything really!


We love a trail and an autumn trail can be so much fun! If your local to Greater Manchester, I’ve started searching high and low for all half term and Halloween trails going on which you can find all about here, keep checking back as I will update regularly. Whether its an organised trail or your own nature trail, there’s plenty of fun to be had at your local park. Or why not give Geocaching a try this autumn? It’s like a giant digital treasure hunt! I’m certain they’ll be some treasure not too far away from you. It’s a brilliant way to get children interested in walking.


Once you’ve collected your autumn treasures during your walks, whether it’s conkers or leaves, why not get crafty and make some autumn art? We recently collected lots of different leaves, looking for all different colours. Once we got home we made a lovely autumn bracelet. In the past we’ve made lots of different thinks from painting leaves, stick men and so much more!


Trick or Treating isn’t really my thing, but me and the kids do like Halloween and we love still make it fun. We will still be dressing up and plan on a spooky walk as it starts to go dark. We like to make lots of Halloween treats, last year I bought some Halloween themed baking bits from Aldi which were great value for money and I plan on the same again this year. I am also planning on letting the kids stay up a little later than normal and toast some marshmallows in the garden. We might even get some sparklers and make it extra special.


A trip to see Blackpool Illuminations is certainly a family tradition of ours that we love around this time of year. For switch on times and more information check here. A trip to see the lights isn’t complete without fish and chips by the sea and some doughnuts. We love to walk all the front from Bispham.


On those rainy days, pop on your wellies and find the biggest puddles to jump in! Rather than dodging the rain, why not embrace it? No one likes being wet, so waterproof clothing makes all the difference. My kids love to wear their puddle suits and I recently purchased some waterproof trousers for myself.


Surely no one can resist a giant pile of crunchy leaves? Take a woodland walk and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of leaves to crunch through. Why not kick them up or if you find a pile big enough then get jumping!


There’s nothing better than coming home after an autumn walk to a hot drink. Get home, get warm and relax with a lovely hot chocolate! Just another month or two before we can change that hot chocolate to a festive mulled wine.

Let us know why you love autumn as much as I do.

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