Top Tips For Mum’s With More Than One Toddler

I’m a busy mum to Joshua who is 5 and twins who recently turned 2, Oscar and Isla.

When they were born, Joshua only went to preschool 2 mornings a week, so the majority of the week, I had 3 young children at home to entertain and keep alive, by myself!

Here’s my top tips to make your day go smoother and keep you sane!

1. Preparation Is Key

I always try to plan ahead. Whether it’s packing the change bag the night before to getting the slow cooker on before I go to bed. Anything to make my life a little easier.

I still do this now and just adapt it as my children are older. The week runs more smoothly if I’ve sorted Joshua’s uniform out for the week on Sunday night, otherwise Monday morning comes and I’m running around like a headless chicken, whilst two hungry toddlers are screaming at me for their breakfast!

I make sure his football kit is ready for Monday nights and I always put his swimming costume and towel straight back in his bag ready for Wednesday nights.

Each night, I place Joshua’s uniform out, so in the morning he can easily find it and get dressed himself nice and quickly (that’s the idea anyway) and I sort out outfits for the twins also.

2. Get Out The House

This can seem daunting with lots of little ones everywhere, but you can do it! You’ve made sure your change bag is all stocked the night before, little ones are dressed in their prepared outfits, let’s head out the door!

It doesn’t matter what time you get out or how long you go out for. Some fresh air or speaking to other people will make those long days feel better.

Go out for a walk or head to your local library. Be prepared for the hundreds of questions (many of them ridiculous) and get ready to be sick of hearing ‘you’ve got your hands full’.

Don’t be scared of going to Mum’s and Tots groups, you won’t be the only one their with more than one child or if you like me look for a local twin group. It’s great to find other mums who understand and ‘get it’. It’s these mums who have kept me sane.

3. Routine Is Everything

Well is was for me in the early days. When the twins were born, they had to slot into our family life. I had to take my eldest to preschool and a few months later school. Each day, I have the school run so my twins obviously had to come with me. From the early days, we had to be up, dressed and out in time for school. Being prepared and sticking to a routine really helped me.

We’ve always had quite a strict bedtime routine, even with my eldest. We’ve always had an early tea, followed by a bath, stories and bed. My three are good sleepers and I believe it’s due to routine.

Find a routine that fits with your family life and make it work for you.

4. Take Time Out For Yourself

Easier said than done, but we all need a break sometime. Whether it’s a relaxing bath, a trip out to the cinema or even a weekend away without the kids, once in a while look after yourself and relax.

I find taking some time out for myself, makes me appreciate what I have and gives me the much needed energy on tough days!

5. Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Mums

Chances are they are losing it when your not looking too! So what if your kids are screaming the sensory session down whilst hers are playing lovely and calmly. All kids laugh, cry, scream, have tantrums! Just remember that we have all been there, keep calm, the tantrum will pass. Try not to compare yourself to the image of a ‘perfect mum’ as it doesn’t exist. Be the best mum you can be, that’s all anyone can ask of you.

6. Ask For Help

From my experience, you are more likely to get help if you ask for it! People aren’t mind readers, they may not think you need help or don’t want to intrude.

Don’t be scared to ask for help if you need if.

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One thought on “Top Tips For Mum’s With More Than One Toddler

  1. I completely agree with the asking for help thing (and always taking it when it’s offered). Looking after lots of littlies is hard, I struggled to leave the house after having twins. My toddler used to wander rounds the house carrying his reins, hoping i’d take him out somewhere. Bless him

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