How I Make Learning Fun With My Two Year Old Twins

Toddlers are constantly learning new things and words everyday.

The majority of the week my twins are with just me and although we have lots of fun playing with toys and of course outdoors, I want to make sure they are developing and progressing like they should be doing. I sometimes worry that they have missed out on that one on one time with me that my eldest had.

I believe that young children they learn best through play and when they are having fun.

The Orchard Toys range of games and puzzles are great and promote learning through fun. There games are keys brightly coloured to attract children and they help to develop social skills too!

My son is nearly 6 and he still loves to play the games, his favourite is the Shopping List game.

I’ve recently introduced my twins to these games, they have just turned two. We started off with the Mix and Match People Game. I showed them how to take turns and tried to match the person’s head with their body.

They loved having a go each and even through they didn’t match the people, they had lots of fun. We also talked about the different people, for example the fireman, the witch etc and even did some counting. We laughed at the silly combinations we made and most importantly had loads of fun.

I like to make up my own games too. I saw something similar to my next game online recently and thought I’d give it a myself. The aim of the game was to match colours with items and toys we had at home. This was great for my two to help them recognise different colours

I bought these fab coloured foamed shaped trains from a poundshop and took a bright bowl from the kitchen. I collected a few bright and simple toys or items I could find, keeping to the 4 colours – red, green, blue and yellow. Straight away my two were interested when I set up the game.

I explained to  Oscar and Isla that in this game we had to take turns by choosing one item at a time to place down. I pointed at each coloured train saying what the colour it was, then pointed at the item again saying the colour too.

They didn’t always get it right, but that’s not the point of the exercise anyway. It’s supposed to be fun. After a while, my little girl did remember that red items go on the red train. They loved putting items down and trying again until they got the correct colour. We have lots of fun!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and got some inspiration, I would love to know how you make learning fun? Share you ideas with my now via Facebook or Twitter or email

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5 thoughts on “How I Make Learning Fun With My Two Year Old Twins

  1. I love this! I’m all for technology but only if it is being balanced out with things like this. Great post!


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