Tips For Brushing Toddlers Teeth – National Smile Month

National Smile Month is the UK’s largest oral health campaign running 16th May until 16 June, aiming to improve public oral health for all.

This week we headed to Oldham Library to attend the Dental Playbox Session, a fun and interactive session teaching children the importance of looking after their teeth. Using colourful puppets, the children brushed their teeth with giant brushes and dentist mirrors, the kids loved it!

They could dress up as a dentist if they liked, even wear a mask too! All the activities were designed to alleviate any fears they may have about visiting the dentist. My two loved brushing the puppets teeth, but especially loved listening to the Peppa Pig story, obviously she and her little brother George visited the dentist. We left with lots of useful information and a nice shiny new toothbrush each.

One thing I did notice from the session was how many parents were asking for advice about how they can brush their toddlers teeth when they definitely don’t want their teeth brushing. My eldest used to be very hard work, it seemed to be a battle each morning and night. Thankfully he’s much better now.

Luckily, my two year old twins love brushing their teeth! I’m not sure whether it’s due to them watching their big brother. They would stand in the bathroom brushing all day. They are very independent and want to brush themselves, however they understand that they can only have a turn once mummy has brushed them first. They also like to watch each other brush their teeth, laughing as they do! I find getting them to look I in the mirror helps too.

So I had a think about my own tips and had a nosy on the internet, here’s my top tips for brushing your toddlers teeth-

  • Let them have a go themselves, explain that mummy/daddy has to have a go first,
  • Sing songs to distract them whilst you’re brushing. We like to sing ‘This is the way we brush our teeth early in the morning’,
  • Let them have a go at brushing your teeth! Maybe make some funny noises whilst they do,
  • Other parents have suggested teeth brushing nursery rhymes on YouTube or teeth brushing apps such as by Aquafresh and even Disney.

Does your little one like to brush their teeth? Have you got any great tips to share with our fellow readers?

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