Our Sunny Morning At Stamford Park

Stamford Park in Stalybridge is only down the road from my house. Its a park I’ve been to loads of times as a child myself and as a mum with my own children.

It’s a fab park, although I hate it when it’s busy. It’s a park I avoid when it’s weekend, half term or a very sunny day, especially when I’m on my own with the kids. Hundreds of people flock to the park and it just gets way to busy! I go all over with my twins, just me and them, but when somewhere is extremely busy it just adds to the stress.

I love to take my two year old twins first thing in a morning after the school run or if it’s half term, we get up and out early before the rush!

I decided to head to Stamford Park this week seeing as we’re having a heat wave and there’s the water fountains I knew the kids would love!

I packed a big rucksack filled with a towel each for the kids, a change of clothes and socks, sun cream, snacks and hats and heading out straight from dropping my eldest off at school.

Parking is always a little tricky at Stamford Park, especially when it’s busy, but I managed to park pretty easily.

We left the pram in the car, picked up the picnic mat and walked along the road to the park gates. I dressed my two in their swim clothes at home to save time when we got there.

We arrived at the park around 9.30 and my two were very excited to see the fountains and ran the rest of the way. We even had the fountains all to ourselves for a little while!

After being a little wary when we got to the fountains, they soon were running in and out of the water and splashing water in their face. We had lots of fun!

By 10.30 it was getting quite busy and I knew it would only get busier! My two had started to have enough so after a quick snack I got them dry and changed.

There is a large sand pit and wooden play area also in Stamford Park, but we headed away from the play ground and Fountains to the duck pond and flowers.

This is always a much quieter part of the park, so we found some shade to chill out for a while. Soon, Oscar and Isla were on the move again so we played with the frisbee for a while.

We then went for a little walk to see the gorgeous flowers and to find the duck pond before heading back to the car for lunch in the garden at home.

Overall we love a trip to Stamford Park, especially first thing in the morning when we can enjoy it all to ourselves!

5 thoughts on “Our Sunny Morning At Stamford Park

  1. Isn’t it fab!
    Gutted though yesterday, we spent 20mins trying to find a parking space (couldnt get there any earlier than 10.30am) and eventually gave up and went to Hyde Park!
    I would have normally persevered or parked alot further away but I’m currently 40+6 waiting for baby no. 2 so I wanted to be relatively close to the car!
    Glad you had a lovely day, fab pics!! 🙂

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