They’re Not Terrible, They’re Two!

Everyone’s heard it and everyone’s said it! Myself included! ‘oh no it must be their age, it’s the terrible two’s!’ As mum to three, which two of them are 2 years old, I have definitely said it!

But (and it’s a big but) we need to remember that our two year olds aren’t really terrible, right?

They don’t have that tantrum right in the middle of the shop to be nasty! They don’t take a million years to try and put their shoes on to intentionally make you late! Right?!

Two year olds are learning so much everyday, they are independent toddlers who are realising that they are no longer babies!

The ‘terrible two’s’ is how our little ones learn right from wrong. They are testing the boundaries with us, their parents. As it’s happening it’s no fun what so ever, but it is fascinating to watch these youngsters grow from baby’s to little people!

I try to ignore the meltdowns and tantrums as much as I can (easier said than done) and when it’s possible I try to encourage independence, let them put their own shoes on etc.

Toddlers are definitely a whirlwind, you have no idea what they’re thinking one minute to the next! But I would say, embrace every moment. Maybe even savour that toddler tantrum as there’s nothing quite like a 6 year old in a mood!

6 thoughts on “They’re Not Terrible, They’re Two!

  1. I remember the terrible twos clearly. It’s where my youngest decided he was allergic to sleep. LOL. But it’s also the age where I think they start to develop their big personalities, so I don’t think they mean to be ‘terrible’. Bless them. I love the little outfits you dress your two in ❤ Adorable

    Louise x

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  2. Oh aren’t they just! It hard to not get emotional about the tantrum, but try laughing at them. My daughter has the funniest meltdowns. It the best way I deal with them.

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