Fab Ideas for a New Year’s Eve In With Young Children

What do you do on New Year’s Eve when you have young children? My 6 year-old and 2 year-old twins would never make it to midnight, plus I want them in bed at a normal time so I can enjoy some ‘me time’!

I’ve never been a fan of going out on New Year’s Eve, even before I had children. Everywhere is so busy and so expensive, the queues are long and everywhere needs pre-booking! But since having children, even if we wanted to go out on New Year’s Eve is just not gonna happen as it would be virtually impossible to get a babysitter anyway!

Other year’s we tend to either go to a friends house (who also have children) or they come to ours. A nice evening of friends, a takeaway and some wine whilst the children sleep. A much better evening if you ask me.

This year we have decided to have a low key evening, enjoy a takeaway and a film once the kids have gone to bed. Christmas has been none stop, we feel like we have been rushing around for the whole of December! We became home owners for the first time just before Christmas also so we literally haven’t stopped! It will be nice to enjoy an evening in!

Previous years we have gotten away without the kids even knowing they’re missing anything. But Joshua, my eldest is 6 now and has been asking what are we doing for New Year’s Eve! So I have told him we’ll have a mini party, just the 5 of us!

My plan is to start the party about 5pm so they’re all in bed for 8pm! I even promised him a game of monopoly after ‘midnight’ and once his younger brother and sister are in bed!

Here’s some ideas of how to celebrate New Year’s Eve with young children:


My three children go to bed quite early, even my 6 year-old would never make it to midnight! So I’ve decided we’ll have a New Year’s Eve with a fake midnight. You can find a countdown on the internet quite easily that the kids will love! We’re going to put on some party tunes then switch to the countdown before bringing in the New Year.


To really make it feel like a party, I’m gonna put out some party food and a few of my children’s favourite snacks including pizza and crisps. Nothing says it’s party time like a buffet!


My younger two weren’t too keen with the fireworks display on Bonfire Night, but they all loved the sparklers. I’m going to get a few packs of sparklers, pop on our hats and wellies before the big countdown and head out into the garden!


Joshua has requested a couple of party games like musical bumps and pass the parcel. Nice and easy and great fun!


For the twins second birthday I bought some props for a funny photo shoot. I’m going to dig them out so the kids (and us parents) can take turn in taking in some funny photos. Lots of fun but also a fab way to make and cherish memories!


I don’t know about you but we seem to have plenty of Christmas crackers left and the kids love them. I will scatter them around the party food table, everyone loves a cracker!


Another request from Joshua, he wants a fancy dress party. We have lots of fancy dress costumes so this is nice and easy. I will place the dressing up box near the photo booth props and the kids can have a great time changing into different outfits


I thought it would be lovely for me and the kids (and daddy) to each write a New Year’s wish or resolution on a little tag then at midnight we can hang it on our Christmas tree. Joshua loves to write and he will love writing little notes for the twins too.


  • Making mock-tails
  • Have a movie night
  • Build a den
  • Karaoke night

What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Don’t forget to let me know on social media!

7 thoughts on “Fab Ideas for a New Year’s Eve In With Young Children

  1. I love the idea of faking midnight but mine are too old to be fooled. Wait till his older you won’t get away with it and you’ll have to somehow make it special which can be hard work. I like your ideas for younger children 👍


  2. My dad had a routine operation on New Year’s Eve (weird day for it!) so I couldn’t drink until I’d driven to bring him home. They decided to keep him in, so my celebrations could have started a little earlier! We had friends round and we made artisan pizzas in our pizza oven – it was very sociable and a lot of fun. My kids stayed up … until 2:30am!


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