My Visit To The Deep, Hull’s Award-Winning Aquarium.

[Press Trip]

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend it with 9 fabulous ladies and fellow bloggers on a Press Trip to the city of Hull arranged by Visit Hull and East Yorkshire. I’d never visited Hull before and knew absolutely nothing about the city.

I must admit, I’ve fallen a little in love with Hull and I can’t wait to return. I loved walking around the Old Town and I thought Trinity Market was brilliant! One place we visited and I will definitely be back with my children, was The Deep.

The Deep is Hull’s award-winning aquarium, only a 5 minute walk from the Old Town and the Museum Quarter. I have visited many aquariums over the years with my children and I expected this to be similar, what I found was better than any I have visited!

Firstly their motto is ‘For Conservation, Not profit’ and I was absolutely amazed with the entry price. For an adults ticket it’s £14 and a child £11, some of the big, well known aquarium’s charge much more than this! As an added bonus you only pay once, your ticket is valid for 12 months. So you’re able to visit as often as you like all year! Amazing! Price is definitely important to me, as a mum of 3 we try to look for days out that won’t cost too much.

At The Deep you can expect to discover over 5000 animals including turtles, sharks and penguins. There’s plenty of interactive stations, many for children and lots of daily shows to enjoy including penguin feeding and dive shows. When we return, my children will love the touchpool sessions where they can get hands-on with the starfish!

The most spectacular part of the aquarium has to be the viewing tunnels and the glass lift. Giant sharks and turtles as well as hundreds of fish would swim all around us and even over our heads! The colours from the tanks were amazing. The glass lift that makes you feel like your floating in the middle of the ocean was breath-taking. Did you know it’s the UK’s only underwater lift? There is also an option to take the 81 steps to the surface but I would highly recommend the lift!

Even though I visited without children, as a mum of three I couldn’t help but notice how child friendly The Deep was. From fantastic toilet facilities, a soft play area and plenty of interactive stations throughout the aquarium. I was impressed with the café, it seemed reasonably priced and offered a wide range of food. I also noticed there were indoor and outdoor picnic areas which I love. Being able to bring our own food to help with costs is great, especially for a family looking to save some money.

Me and my family will definitely be back, I can’t wait to spend the day at The Deep with my children. It will certainly be a family fun-filled day out! Check out my highlighted Stories over on Instagram for all the fun we had when we visited- #BlogOnVisits

My tickets to The Deep were arranged and gifted from Visit Hull as a Press Trip in return for an honest review.

5 thoughts on “My Visit To The Deep, Hull’s Award-Winning Aquarium.

  1. I loved that they had soft play there and how interactive it was for the kiddies! I’m desperate to take my two there – such a shame it’s so far away! But a great excuse to make another weekend of it.


  2. I loved that the Deep is not for profit conversation project. As I wandered around I did wonder why some of the fish were there and found some of the descriptions really helpful and reassuring. Lovely post!

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