Bittersweet Birthdays: Twins Turning Four-Years-Old.

When my eldest turned four it was such an exciting time. He was super excited to be starting school just a few months later, he was so ready and he couldn’t wait. My twins at the time of his 4th birthday were newborns, less than six months old, so Joshua starting school eased a little pressure of having three at home all day. Mum guilt makes me feel bad saying this, but Joshua starting school when the twins came along made mum life so much more manageable.

Joshua is now nearly 8 and for the last 8 years my weekdays have been a mixture of part-time working whilst children are at school or nursery and spending my other days at playgroups. Apart from my part-time job (and more recently my blog), my life has revolved around playgroups, mums and tots classes and play dates with my mummy friends. And I love it! And I’ve realised how much I’m going to miss it!

This month (this week actually), my twins turn four-years-old and it’s such a different feeling than the first time round. The twins are probably (most definitely) my last children, so I’ve come to realise how bittersweet this birthday is for me as their mum.

In September they will be starting reception at school. No more playgroups, no more lazy mornings in our pjs just because, no more playing in the park when everyone else is at school or work……

Oscar and Isla turning 4 seems such a big deal to me. It’s like the end of a massive parenting chapter for me and our family. It’s the end of toddlers, babies, nappies, bottles, playgroups, weaning, prams, highchairs and everything in-between! Those things have been my life for the past 8 years.

It’s an end of an era, I’ve realised just how many ‘lasts’ we will have over the next few months. Time really does fly by so fast. It really is a bittersweet time, there’s so much to celebrate but I feel sad too.

My two are extremely excited about their upcoming birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with them also, but I’m not ready for them to grow up just yet. I’m going to enjoy the next few months and make as many memories as possible, then I’ll definitely be counting down for the half term holidays.

Here’s to the next chapter! All three in primary school, assemblies, parents evenings, half term, growing up, leaning to read and write, and so much more!

Happy 4th Birthday Oscar and Isla x

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Birthdays: Twins Turning Four-Years-Old.

  1. That is so sad, and I can totally get what you mean. It was and still is the same for me. I never wanted any of my children to grow up and leave. I still miss the baby and toddler times. The feeling never leaves a mum. There’s a song from Mama Mia, it’s called ‘slipping through my fingers’ . It’s one of the saddest songs I know., but it is exactly how it feels when you’re a mum and your children are getting older and older.
    It gets worse when they leave home. I was never really prepared for that.
    You just have to cherish all the times you are with them and remember the good times when you are not.
    Now I just look forward to seeing them when I can. That’s when life gets in the way.
    You are doing a fantastic job with your children. You should be proud 😊

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  2. Happy birthday to your twins.
    It is sad as they grow older, my eldest just turned 16 and my youngest 11.
    On the plus side being a parent is a lifelong experience and there is always grandchildren 😂

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