My Little Lockdown Loves

What a weird year 2020 was, and 2021 hasn’t really started all that great either. Trying to stay positive can be really tough….. but having a positive mind is really what keeps me going.

There’s plenty to feel down about- places we can’t go and people we can’t see but I wanted to write about some lovely positive aspects of lockdown or at least of what the last year has taught me. I like to limit how much news I read and have breaks now and then from social media.

Here’s some of my Lockdown Loves.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Getting out for a walk was something we did on a normal weekend even before 2020 hit. What has changed in the last 12 months is we have discovered and explored our own local area. In the past we could traveled for days out and for walks but being unable to do that has made us look a lot closer to home.

At weekends we now tend to pop on our walking boots at the front door and over the last year have discovered some many paths that we just didn’t know about before!

Oscar and Isla’s stamina for walks has massively improved over the last year, they can now manage a 6 mile walk which is fab, only stopping to moan for more snacks. We love to walk up to Hartshead Pike from our house. We also love to discover some of the quieter parts of Saddleworth.

Treat Night

Everyday can feel like Groundhog Day at the moment, especially the evenings. Even though we can’t go out, I have tried to make the weekends special or feel a little different with Treat Nights.

The kids have loved our cinema nights with popcorn, we’ve had some great WII bowling competitions and we’ve even made our own afternoon tea. We also enjoy Zoom quizzes with our friends and family. Doing something a little different at the weekends certainly helps my family and I get out of the rut we probably all feel in.


At the start of the year, I decided to look after myself better. With the rollercoaster (or Corona-coaster as it’s known) of last year, I certainly wasn’t looking after myself. Eating and drinking to much and absolutely zero exercise (apart from walking with the family) wasn’t doing my weight or my mental well-being any good.

I have found my love of Yoga once again and aim to stick with it and do a daily practice. I love how yoga makes me feel during and after each session, it’s great for my body and mind.

This year I plan to not only take better care of my weight but also my mental well-being.

I’m Currently Reading

I’ve mentioned before how I joined a book club a few years ago and at the moment we’ve gone virtual. My aim when I joined was to read one book a month which at the time seemed impossible! I didn’t have time to read!

Two years on and I’m still loving getting lost in a good book. Last year I read 29 books, I’m already on my 4th book of 2021! Most days I read one or two chapters a night once the kids are in bed, those chapters soon add up and I’m whizzing through the books.

Some of my recent recommendations would have to be Thursday Murder Club and the Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Let me know what you’ve been reading, I love a good book recommendation.

You Are What You Eat

Looking after my weight and well-being meant a change in diet for me as by the end of last year I was overeating and drinking too much alcohol. I’ve stuck with what I know and pulled out all my Slimming World recipe books.

Over the last month, I have cooked delicious (and super easy) healthy meals and even lost 10 pounds with has made me feel great! A few of my favourite Slimming World recipes have to be Spaghetti Carbonara and Pizza-Topped Chicken! Delicious. Please share your healthy yummy meals with me, I love new ideas!

Feeling Fit

I’ve never been one for strenuous exercise and I’m certainly not a fitness fanatic, but lockdown has meant us being outdoors much more than ever as a family. I’ve also over the last 12 months become to love a walk on my own, I’ve been smashing my 10,000 daily step target and now with daily yoga I’ve never felt better.

The other morning I woke up really motivated to try running. I’m not a runner and have always felt too unfit to run, I used to get out of breath after a fast walk. But I loved it! Getting out for some fresh air myself was great and I hope I can improve my running over the next few months.

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