Easter Arts, Crafts & Activities for Little Ones

Kids love Easter and it’s no different in our house. Easter obviously is a religious holiday, but in our house and for many children it’s also about Easter eggs and of course the Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunnies.

Last year my son loved making his grandparents these cute little Easter Bunnies using empty toilet rolls. He loved painting them white, using cotton wool for a fluffy tail and cutting and sticking on some feet and ears.

Easter Cards.

When my son was very little we made these lovely Easter egg cards for family members. I helped by painting an egg shape on some card. Then he was free to decorate with dots and spots! He’s a lot more crafty these days, but I’m sure my 2 year old twins will love doing this.

Easter Hunts.

We usually attend a National Trust egg hunt, the last few years at Wray Castle, which we love. But we also love to do our own little hunt. This year we will have three children searching for the little chocolate eggs! Some years I have made a little bag myself, other years I have bought one from the shop. The Kids love it either way, just remember where you hid all the eggs!

Easter Cakes.

With my children being so young, I’m afraid my baking isn’t that adventurous yet! This Easter we will be making chocolate crispy cakes as they are extremely simple to make. No weighing or measuring and they can all get involved. We will decorate with mini eggs and mini chicks.

Check out this Simple Baby Chick’s Hat that you can make this Easter in just one hour! Very creative from Can We Bring Our Kid? and very cute.

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7 thoughts on “Easter Arts, Crafts & Activities for Little Ones

  1. Hopefully we will be at Aberdaulais Falls in Swansea this weekend, and whilst Ivor is a bit young, our dog always likes barking at the giant colourful eggs 😁😁😁


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