Why Tameside Rocks & How You Can Get Involved.

Last spring when we visited Morecambe and Lancaster, we started seeing painted rocks popping up everywhere. My kids loved it and we soon realised it was a craze that was fast developing called #pebbleart.

A couple of months later, to our amazement we started seeing these wonderful painted rocks around our local area and parks. Last October, Tameside Rocks Facebook group was created and founded by Jayde Conway and the page has just grown and grown!

With now over 10 thousand members, Tameside Rocks is proving extremely popular in Greater Manchester and beyond!

So what do you have to do and how can you get involved? Check out Tameside Rocks on Facebook. It’s so easy to get involved, get some rocks (the local garden centres sell them pretty cheaply), paint and varnish them. Don’t forget to write ‘Tameside Rocks’ on the back and go and hide it. There’s loads of tips on the Facebook page about what paints to use and which varnishes work well too.

Once you find a painted rock, take a photo and post on the Facebook page. Then it’s up to you. Your little ones can keep the rock or re hide for someone else. My children love finding rocks and we love re hiding them for others.

Loads of local families got involved in Tameside Rocks in the February half term and it was lovely to see. The parks were full whatever the weather. There have been lots of posts thanking Jayde for creating such a wonderful group from many mums and dads who have previously struggled to get their kids outdoors. It’s helped mums tear their kids away from computer games, it’s helped other families with anxiety issues but it’s also brought a sense of community to the local area.

Scouts and local businesses have also started getting involved. Garden centres, play centres and local tea rooms are even offering free rock painting. I have read posts about families also litter picking when rock hunting. It makes me proud to be a part of Tameside Rocks and I have a feeling this group will just grow and grow.

We can’t wait for summer!

Are you already part of Tameside Rocks? Let us know why you love it? Also, have you spotted your rock in the photos? Let us now via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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