How To Survive A Snow Day Indoors With Toddler Twins.

I’m not one for staying in, me and my family like to be out and about! Even if it’s just to the library or the local park, we pop in and out all day, rarely staying in.

However, what do you do when you’ve booked a days holiday from work as we were hoping for a long weekend away in a caravan and but The Beast from the East and Storm Emma ruin your plans?

So I woke Friday morning to absolutely no plans whatsoever which is very unlike me. All over social media I saw playgroups and events being cancelled due to the weather so I decided it was best we stayed in.

But I needed a plan! For my own sanity.

Inspired by World Book Day the previous day, my little ones took it in turn to dress up as the Gruffalo and we read the story.

This made me decide to get out some of our favourite books, soft toys and other props. I placed them all in a big treasure chest we have (any box or bag will do just fine) and I let them explore. We had a lovely time, reading the books and acting out the stories with the props. I got them to say the animal bodies and to take turns when pressing the buttons on the noisy books.

Part of me did feel that we were missing out not playing out in the snow. A few days previously we had played out and they loved it…..

But today is so cold and windy! I then remembered a post I saw by Play.Hooray, about bringing the snow indoors! So, I filled a washing-up bucket with fluffy snow and placed it on a changing mat on our kitchen floor. I then brought some towels and bath toys downstairs and added some plastic spoons. My two absolutely loved it and played for ages.

When the snow started to get hard, I threw it in the garden and replaced it with some new fluffy snow.

Lots of fun!

It’s great to find new ways of playing and keeping little ones entertained. New and interesting ways of playing are great for a little ones imagination and development. We did some counting and I talked about the different coloured pots.

Why not check out my rainy day ideas too.

Let me know what you do if your stuck in the house, share your ideas with me via Facebook or Twitter.

One thought on “How To Survive A Snow Day Indoors With Toddler Twins.

  1. Cute gruffalos 😊. These are some great activities, I used to struggle to keep mine entertained indoors when they were young. I agree, though, it was too cold to keep them out for long yesterday

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