Easy Handmade Easter Bags For Toddlers

Since my first son was born, I have always hidden some chocolate treats on Easter Sunday for him to find. The last couple of years, we have been at our family caravan near Morecambe. It’s become a tradition of ours to do a little egg hunt around the caravan.

This will be the first year the twins will understand and be able to search for the treats too.

I bought these fab plastic eggs from Sainsbury’s for only £1.50 for a pack of 10.

You are able to fill them with what you like. I like them as they aren’t too small, so I won’t be worried about my toddlers putting them in their mouths. They are nice and bright colours so will look great for an egg hunt.

I bought some small bunny chocolates to put inside the eggs. Again, due to choking, I decided against small chocolate eggs. I thought these were great, again from Sainsbury’s and only 80p a pack!

I started to look for bags or buckets for the hunt, but decided it would be nicer to make our own! I found some old gift bags that we had in the house…

I had a rummage through our arts & crafts box for anything Easter or spring related. I found lots of Peter Rabbit stickers full of flowers, ladybirds and animals. I found a flower and a sun stamp. I also collected up feathers, colourful pipe cleaners, pastel coloured paper and glue.

Well, my younger two had ball. I stuck the paper onto the bag for them and gave them a stamp each.

They chose what stickers and feathers they wanted and we had lots of fun!

I was really impressed with their concentration and how long they sat there entertained. We we’re very happy with the final look of them and they were both extremely proud of their bags!

When my eldest came home from school, we showed him what we had made and I gave him the option of making a bag too. He loved making it, we did it together whilst the twins we’re entertained elsewhere.

He can’t wait for Easter Sunday now and I’m looking forward to continuing our Easter tradition.

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