A Day In The Life Of A Twin Mum- When One Twin Is Sick.

Most days start off pretty similar, Oscar is the first awake shouting ‘Mama’ around 6am. This morning, it was 6.30am and it was Isla crying which was unusual.

We brought them both down and Isla just wanted cuddles and seemed very sad and tired. Oscar danced around the room shouting ‘breakfast’ whilst our eldest, Joshua was still fast asleep. We were wondering what was wrong with Isla and just then she threw up all over the sofa and the clean washing on it.

That’s the first time she’s thrown up, I think it’s always scary watching a child be sick. She seemed to perk up immediately after being sick which was good.

I made her a little bed on the sofa with towels underneath her and brought down her bedding. I stayed with her and had a cuddle whilst daddy made the boys breakfast.

Daddy took Joshua to school and said his goodbyes, he’s working away so won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. We cancelled our plans of a Easter welly walk with friends and playgroup in the afternoon.

I built the Toot-toot track for Oscar and tried to get Isla to stay on her ‘bed’, which was easier said than done!

Most days I don’t think about how much harder it is having twins, I just get on with it and I enjoy the days do much. Today although highlighted how difficult it was. Oscar wanted his lunch and Isla just wanted a cuddle. I managed to make him some dinner and sat with him in the kitchen, him in his highchair and me sat next to him with Isla on my knee.

Isla soon fell asleep but I was stuck, I kept telling poor Oscar to be quiet. Then he wanted out of his highchair! I tried to carefully move hoping to out Isla in her bed, but she woke screaming. I greed Oscar and tried to get Isla to have a nap in bed but he was having none of it.

Oscar went back to playing with his cars, so me and Isla had a cuddle on the sofa. Once again she feel asleep, just as Oscar’s train went under the sofa. He’s too young to understand that Isla is sleeping or to wait a minute. The second I moved, she woke!

Luckily the afternoon went quite smoothly. I managed to keep Isla entertained with books so she was at least resting. I found it hard to find the time to play with them both separately as we usually always do things together.

Late afternoon the rain stopped, so we put on our coats and went to the front garden to blow some bubbles. The fresh air was what we definitely needed, we were all sick of being in the house all day.

Usually we would then head to pick Joshua up and go straight to swimming. Today, grandparents offered to pick him up and go to his swimming lesson. So I made Oscar and Isla some tea and quickly tidied up.

Once Joshua was home it was straight into bath and bed time. Joshua will usually play Lego in his room whilst the twins have a bath or sometimes he likes to jump in. With Daddy working away, I had to be extra organised for both bedtime and the morning.

All three of them love the bath, with the twins usually crying when I get them out! I tend to take them straight into their bedroom to dry and dress them. We have cuddles and stories and say goodnight.

Me and Joshua then usually play a game, read a book or watch some TV. He wanted to watch Sing today, which we have seen about a million times! After reading his school books it’s off to bed for him.

I can never really be bothered to cook when it’s just for myself but luckily I’d put the slow cooker on so there was no messing. I quickly sort clothes for everyone in the morning, change bag for the twins, my work bag and food for them for the day.

Well that’s my day! I’m now relaxing and writing my blog whilst 3 children sleep happily. My days are always busy and always different.

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