Easter Sunday at National Trust Wray Castle and Cadbury’s Egg Hunt

Wray Castle sits beautifully on the shores of Lake Windermere close to Ambleside.

It’s one of our favourite places to visit when we’re in the Lake District as its extremely child friendly, I don’t know another National Trust property like it. You can read more about why we love Wray Castle here, including all about the Peter Rabbit rooms!

We’ve been staying in our caravan this Easter weekend, which is just outside of Morecambe. We decided to travel to Wray Castle for their Cadbury’s Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.

The Cadbury’s egg hunts are very popular so Wray Castle gets extremely busy. The castle only has a small car park so they do advise for you to get their early or preferably travel there via the ferry from Ambleside or Windermere.

The admission price for Wray Castle is £10.80 an adult and £5.40 a child, also £7.50 for parking (+4 hours). All this is free to National Trust members, which is fab! The Cadbury’s Egg Hunts are £2 a child, your child gets a trail sheet, can have their face painted as a bunny and receives an Easter egg at the end.

We started inside the castle, where my eldest got his face painted as a bunny. The youngest two didn’t want their face painted. We paid for the egg hunt and received our trail map and headed outside for the starting point.

We found some giant bunny paws at the start and followed them into the beautiful grounds. At each stop, there was an alternative route that was more accessible for a pram or wheel chair. My three enjoyed walk through the trees to the first colourful egg which was placed high in the tree.

My eldest read his trail sheet and completed the tasks, whilst my younger two enjoyed the freedom of no pram picking up sticks and pine cones.

We followed the trail of eggs down a hill to the shore of Lake Windermere. It’s such a beautiful spot! We played there for ages, throwing stones and watching the boats go by. On a lovely sunny day, it would be a fantastic place to have a picnic.

The egg trail takes you right round the grounds of Wray Castle, it’s such a lovely walk and great for little ones. Part of the walk is through a woodland walk, one of my twins struggled with as he was getting tired and wanted to go in the pram. Daddy then took him via the pram friendly route. My little girl on the other hand was adamant she was walking the entire way and loved it.

We headed back to the castle where the kids handed in their completed trail sheets. A friendly lady then handed them all a Cadbury’s egg to the delight of my three children.

We love to visit Wray Castle, it’s definitely a favourite of ours and we will be back soon to visit.

Did you visit a National Trust Property and Gardens this Easter and take part in the egg hunts? Share your experience with us via our Facebook and Twitter page.

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