A Day In The Life Of A Twin Mum- Fun On The Farm

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you will know I like to be out and about on my days off.

I decided to take my two to visit the farm at Tatton Park. They love animals, especially baby animals and we haven’t been to this particular farm before.

The farm opens at midday each day apart from Sunday and Monday. We arrived at Tatton Park nice and early to make the most of the day and the cost of the parking. We had a play in the fab playground before eating our yummy picnic. I decided to leave the pram in the boot, I’m using less and less these days and thought they would be OK without it.

After lunch, we headed to the farm. It took us quite a while as the path to the farm is pretty long for little legs, but we made it! Although I did start to worry about the walk back!

We entered a farm building to buy our tickets. As the twins are under 4 years of age, they were free which is fab! A ticket for me was half price due to us being National Trust members, so it only cost £3.50. Brilliant! The lady at the counter told us a little about the farm and what’s on, telling us about our chance to hold the little chicks!

From the moment we walked into the farm my two were mesmerised. The first animals you see are two big Jersey cows and several little lambs. When you head out into the courtyard, there are chickens, hens and birds rooming free which my two thought was great! They knew not to chase or scare them and loved to watch them walk around.

We had a look at the other animals, including sheep and two goats on our way to the woodland play trail. We also passed a few big pigs which my two thought were hilarious!

The woodland play trail was great fun! My two aren’t the best climbers so it would probably suit older children or more adventurous children! But we still loved it, my eldest would have had a blast. There was actually some school children there when we were playing and they were all having a fantastic time. Check out some of my fab photos-

We then headed back to the farm building for the talk about the chicks. We found the right room and a lovely lady gave us some very interesting information about the chicks at the farm. Lots of them were only a week old, and there were lots of eggs that were about to hatch any day! She then got several little chicks out and placed them down in front of my two and two other children. It was fantastic, the children were so amazed at the little chicks. They were all so careful and well behaved.

We then had a little sit down with a drink after washing our hands. My two had done lots of walking and running around, I was conscious of the walk back to the car! We found a little room full of seats, it even had a little toddler seat, very cute.

After a little rest, we headed to the piggery, it was very noisy and very smelly, but my two loved it. The pigs were running around and kept coming up close to us which was great.

On our way out of the piggery, we found a fab little hideout full of beanbags, cushions and books! Fantastic! We had another little break whilst having a read, giving us lots of energy for the walk back!

The walk back wasn’t too bad. We passed the time by collecting sticks (some too big to carry), flowers (weeds obviously) and feathers as well as jumping in puddles! As we got nearer the car, I did have to take turns in carrying one at a time but they did really well and I was very impressed! Maybe if I went again I’d take my pram and leave it somewhere at the farm for the walk back.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our day on the farm!

11 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Twin Mum- Fun On The Farm

  1. £3.50!? Blimey that’s good! We are NT members and I so wish we lived closer because my two would love this little farm by the sounds of it! Baby animals are always a winner! x


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