SurvivingMillennial’s Esty Store and Inspirational Prints

I was recently asked to check out SurvivingMillennial’s Etsy Store and their cool prints.

The prints are blogger and ‘girl boss’ inspired and are available as digital downloads. This eliminates shipping charges and delivery wait times.

I received 5 unwatermarked digital downloads to print myself at home and 2 watermarked ones to use on my social media pages.

I firstly chose this one for my social media page-

It was cute and fab especially for my Avon business I also run. It definitely fitted in with my page. I’m also a busy mum to twins and I definitely run on coffee on a day to day basis so this print caught my eye-

I used this one in my blog and tweeted it.

The idea behind the digital downloads is to use them as you please, for anything you like! Print them off and frame them!

I printed one of the prints and framed it for my mum. She loved it and has taken it to work to go on her desk. She thought it was cute and inspiring. Most of the prints have a theme for strong, working women.

For more information and to download some prints yourself, check out SurvivingMillennial’s Esty Store now.

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