Top Tips When Out and About with Toddlers

Toddlers can be unpredictable, I know, I have two of them. So naturally it’s going to be challenging when you want to be out and about!

Me and my two year old twins are out most days, the park or a local farm being our favourite places to visit.

I wanted to share with you some of my top tips of surviving the great outdoors (well, maybe just the local park) with a toddler or two in toe!

Believe me, I’m no expert but here’s some things I’ve learnt since heading out with my twins-

Practice Makes Perfect-

Maybe not perfect, but practice definitely helps. Since my twins started walking, we have followed the same routine when getting in and out the when I’m on my own. I get one child out and explain they must hold my hand whilst we walk around the car to the other side. I then get them to stand towards to the open car door whilst I get the other child out. I then explain that we must hold hands until we get across the road or until we’re in the park, otherwise they will have to go in the pram. My two do respond well to this and usually hold hands nicely. Some people tend to use reins, I did with my first child. I bought some for my twins but haven’t actually ever needed to use them. I believe that following a routine has helped them understand the rules of getting in and out of the car.

Head To Small or Enclosed Parks-

You don’t need to be super adventurous when your out and about with toddlers. I find small enclosed parks so much easier when on my own with my toddlers. I keep the pram close (in the boot of the car) just in case, walk them holding hands into the park and then let them have some freedom. This would be impossible is a big park as you run the risk of them running in opposite direction. If you don’t feel comfortable with the pram in the car, why not park it up.

Keep Them Interested-

I don’t know about your toddlers, but mine love being outdoors. They love wildlife, nature, sticks, pine cones, leaves, ants- pretty much anything in the park! They will stop for 10 minutes to watch an ant crawl by on the path (see photo). Use this to your advantage. If you toddler is running off and not listening, distract them with and show them the nearby ladybird or buy picking some dandelions. It works with my two, although I do end up with a car boot full of stones and twigs! Why not join in with the painted rocks craze? We find them absolutely everywhere, even in our favourite small park. They love hunting painted rocks, however at aged 2 they’re happy finding any rocks! We have lots of fun re hiding them too.

4 thoughts on “Top Tips When Out and About with Toddlers

  1. Great tips! Lily definitely prefers being outside for sure! There is so much to keep her interested and she will spend ages looking at insects and collecting sticks and stones!


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