Family Lunch at Molino Lounge Oldham.

We headed over to Molino Lounge over the weekend to check it out and try out their menu. The manager invited us along and we couldn’t wait!

Molino Lounge opened in 2016 with the new Parliament Square development. It’s such a fantastic building inside and out. Molino Lounge is housed in the old police station and town hall, its such a fab new building!

The first thing I noticed as we walked in was just how much space there was inside! As a twin mum, with a large double pram, I am constantly aware that my family take up quite a bit of space, but this wasn’t an issue here.

We received a warm and friendly welcome as we came into Molino Lounge, the member of staff explaining for us to take a seat where we like then to order at the bar when we’re ready. As it was a Saturday lunch time it was nice and busy, but not overcrowded. We found a large table with enough room for the 5 of us with 2 highchairs and plenty of room to park the pram up too.

This is when I realised how family friendly the restaurant was. There was a fab children’s menu with plenty of choice, colouring sheets, pens, crayons, games and toys. The waitress also brought all three of my kids some plastic cutlery which was great, she even stopped to ask them what colour they’d all prefer!

The children’s meals are really fantastic value, ranging from £3.95 to £6.25, it also comes with a choice of juice carton and a little starter of hummus with carrots and breadsticks! All three of mine decided on sausages, but there was a great choice of food including macaroni cheese, beef burger and breaded chicken lollipops!

There was so much to choose from on the main menu, it took my husband a while to pick! There was a ‘brunch’ section serving all day breakfasts, paninis, tapas and much more! My husband picked the Chicken and Chorizo Panini with peppers, spinach and cheese. He opted for sweet potato fries also. I went for the Twisted Chicken Club Ciabatta. It was gorgeous, with buttermilk fried chicken, smoked streaky bacon, cheese, guacamole, spicy mayo, spinach and tomato, I was stuffed!

Molino Lounge also had loads of offers on display, from deals on food to cocktails, there seemed to be an offer on most days which is fab! We thought the Breakfast Club offer sounded great and we definitely fancy Tapas Tuesdays without the kids!

It was great to come as a family, it definitely caters for children, but we also can see it would be a great bar to come in an evening with friends or as a couple. It has a great atmosphere, a good cocktail list and even some games! Who doesn’t like a board game?

We will definitely back soon! A good friend of mine is looking at starting up a weekly parent and child coffee morning at Molino Lounge and I can’t wait to come with my two! Keep a look out.

You can find out more information about Molino Lounge Oldham here.

3 thoughts on “Family Lunch at Molino Lounge Oldham.

  1. We do love Molino Lounge too.

    It is a great family place , and generally a place anyone of all ages can feel comfortable

    Good luck with your friends Child and Parent coffee morning. Molino are good with helping groups .

    Live Oldham

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, I’m really looking forward to it! Yes it’s a really is a place anyone can feel comfortable in, we felt very relaxed there which isn’t always the case in a restaurant with 3 young kids haha.


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