Blackberry Crumble- From Picking to Eating

Last weekend we had a lovely walk through Uppermill village for the Yanks Are Back event. We then went exploring and walked up hill and along the canal into Diggle.

Joshua kept spotting blackberries. Many weren’t ready for picking, I think we were a week or two early, but we managed to find enough good sized blackberries to pick.

When we got home, Joshua wanted to wash his blackberries himself. Then we popped them in the fridge for the night.

The next day, we decided to make a crumble. I placed the blackberries in the pan with a little sugar and cooked them for a short while on a low heat, then transferred it into an oven proof dish.

Me and Joshua got on with making the crumble by mixing sugar, flour and butter in a bowl. Its at this point Joshua decides to tell me that as he doesn’t eat blackberries he won’t try the crumble. I know he’s fussy, but as we had picked the blackberries ourselves and he helped making the crumble, he would of at least tried it!

I rushed to the freezer and found some frozen strawberries from Aldi. I told him we could make a strawberry crumble too and he was pretty happy!

We popped the two crumbles in the oven for about 30 minutes, the kitchen smelt delicious! We got some little bowls ready and of course scooped everyone some ice cream!

Eeveyone seemed happy with their crumble! I really want to make an apple crumble now, my favouite! We can’t wait to go blackberry picking again.


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