The Yanks Are Back In Saddleworth 2018

Over the weekend we went into Uppermill and surrounding villages of Saddleworth for the annual military show and vehicle parade ‘Yanks Are Back’. The event celebrates the filming of YANKS staring Richard Gere in 1979. It’s a hugely popular event, one of which we had never been too before!

The event takes place over the two days. We visited on Sunday, making sure we arrived in plenty of time for the vehicle parade. We parked near the sports centre as we usually do when we are visiting Uppermill. As expected it was extremely busy, we got there nice and early so could find parking space. I did notice there was a Park and Ride from the Well-i-hole farm not to far away, which is fab!

The kids loved standing on the side of the road waiting for the parade to start. Joshua loved watching the marshals getting things ready and watching the road slowly being closed. Bands walked passed and the parade got underway.

The parade was fantastic, my three really enjoyed it! There was plenty of military vehicles and vintage cars to keep my children entertained. They were fascinated by all the different cars, some of the trucks were huge! The re-enactors were brilliant with the crowds, many waved to us and especially the children, one was even giving sweets out!

The parade was also seen as an opportunity to show our respect to the veterans and the people who gave there lives during 1940’s. It was very humbling to see and fantastic to see so many children getting involved too!

After the parade, Uppermill village was extremely busy, lots of people deciding to visit the pubs and cafes. We decided to head out of the village centre for a walk and to enjoy our picnic. Me and the twins waited on a quiet side street whilst daddy and Joshua popped to the local bakery and a coffee shop. The streets were flooded with hundreds of people, I decided staying put with our double pram was the easiest thing to do whilst daddy picked up some sandwiches for our picnic.

With our yummy sandwiches packed with the rest of the picnic and a fresh takeaway coffee, we headed back towards the car to get unto the old railway line and we headed away from the sports centre. The kids were hungry pretty much straight away so we quickly ate our sandwiches and we were off again, soon exploring. We headed up onto the hilltop so we could enjoy the beautiful views! The kids enjoyed saying Hi to the horses, spotting the sheep and watching the trains go past.

Joshua loves any kind of trail and he usually makes up his own nature trail when we’re out and about. He decided we should take photos of the different coloured flowers we spotted. This was a lovely thing to do and we found so many beautiful flowers and colours.

Another thing we found was plenty of blackberries! We explained to Joshua that many of them weren’t ready just yet but we managed to pick enough to make a crumble! This was so much fun, daddy helped pick the best ones that were high up or right at the back.

We carried on walking and started to go downhill, we soon got to Grandpa Greene’s Luxury Ice Cream Shop in Diggle. We thought we all we’re in need of a treat after a lovely long walk! The kids were very excited for their ice cream, I decided on a Salted Caramel Milkshake! It was yummy!

Check out these ice cream faces!

Once we had finished, we made our way back into Uppermill Village by walking along the canal path. The kids loved to watch the barge passing through the lock. We waited to see if the Lancaster Bomber plane would fly over as it was expected, but unfortunately due to low cloud it was cancelled.

We then headed back to the car and back home. We all had a lovely day and we will definitely visit the Yanks Are Back next year. Once we got home we washed our blackberries, ready to make a crumble! Yum!

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