Exploring Conder Green Country Park and Our 100th Geocache Find!

Over the weekend, me and my family reached a massive geocaching milestone. We found our 100th find!

We started geocaching just over a year ago. Did you know there are millions of geocaches all over the world? But what is geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor activity where players use a GPS device or mobile phone to hide and seek ‘caches’ all over the world! It’s like a treasure hunt! Some of the caches even contain ‘swag’ or treasure, little toys for children to leave and swap. My kids love it!

Last week we were in the Lancaster area. We had been staying in our caravan which is near Morecambe. We headed to Conder Green Country Park to follow a geocache trail.

The country park is along a long road that looks like it leads no where. At the end of the road you come to a large car park (which was only £1 to park all day!) and a lovely little cafe. There’s also toilets in the car park.

The Cafe D’Lune is open everyday 10am til 4pm (apart Monday). And sells hot and cold food and some lovely cakes.

We parked up and decided we would stop at the cafe on the way back after our walk. These two had over ideas and wanted a snack at the beginning!

We headed along the path, along the estuary to find our first geocache of the day. Joshua was over the moon as we soon had our 1st find under our belt and moved onto the next one.

We were really excited about the next one. Not only because of the size of the camouflaged box, but because it was our 100th find!

We found some fantastic caches during our walk including several different containers. Check out this one (photo below) of it hiding and swinging in the tree!

The path was great for our double pram and would be suitable for wheelchair users also. Even though we chose a wet day for a walk, the path was very popular with cyclists and dog walkers.

The path is actually a disused railway line that runs alongside the River Lune.

There was plenty of benches along the path which was fab and we found a little picnic pit-shop. The views there were amazing!

We will definitely be heading back to Conder Green soon to check out the views, enjoy the fresh air and find some more caches!

7 thoughts on “Exploring Conder Green Country Park and Our 100th Geocache Find!

  1. We were introduced to geocaching in Latvia a couple of summers ago. It was great fun. We don’t do enough of it in the UK, so I’ve decided we’re going to make more of an effort because some of the ones you’ve found are amazing!

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