Science and Industry Museum in Manchester

Over the weekend we visited the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. We love a visit to this museum, it’s a perfect day out especially for a rainy day!

The Science and Industry Museum is a large museum off Liverpool Road in the Castlefield area. The museum is devoted to the development of science, technology and industry with emphasis on the city’s achievements in these fields, it is open daily 10am to 5pm.

Be amazed as science and history is brought to life through interactive shows, demonstrations and even some dressing up.

My kids love the Experiment Gallery, there’s loads of ‘hands on’ things to do. There’s also a little sensory space for babies and young children which is fab.

Joshua’s favourite thing to see is the Mini Cooper, see picture above!

There is a cafe and a bistro- opening times Café: Weekdays 8am-5pm and weekends 9am-5pm, Bistro: Open daily 11am-4pm. There’s also a large picnic area which is great for families. We tend to make a picnic and use this space.

The museum is spacious and plenty of room for prams and wheelchairs, we have no issues using our double. Side by side pram. There’s plenty of toilets and baby change facilities.

There’s plenty to keep everyone entertained and plenty for us still to see! We’ll be heading back very soon! More information about the Science and Industry Museum, events, how to get there and much more can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Science and Industry Museum in Manchester

  1. I’ve just read that you used your pram, I thought I’d read on the website that you have to park prams up as they are not allowed inside. This was the one thing that put us off going as I have a 19 month old that still needs his buggy. If you can use them then we’ll definitely visit as I think my 4 year old will get a lot out of it.

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  2. That looks like a good, fun day out. Why is the mini hanging like that – is it just a feature or is there some sxience behind it!?

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