New and Pre-loved Fashion for Children: TreasureHouse

TreasureHouse is a fun community of modern, environmentally conscious parents.

Did you know that clothing has the 4th largest impact on the environment, after housing, transport and food? One of the best ways to reduce fashion waste is to recycle them. Re-using or swapping clothes means a cleaner, greener and sustainable planet, and an ethical, conscious way of living.

Here’s a big welcome from the mums at Treasurehouse. We hope your little one loves their gift. By sharing your pre-loved clothes, you aren’t just saving money. You and all the Treasurehouse mums help leave the world the way your found it, for your children.

New customers can pick any one item for under £15 as their free gift when they sign up! More information can be found here.

You can book online your free home collection and send your unwanted clothes to TreasureHouse!

You can either swap or shop at Treasure House:

  • Swap if you have Store Credit, (store credit is collected by sending your unwanted childrens clothes) and use them to purchase any clothes on the website.
  • Shopping is just as easy, just using debit/credit card or PayPal.

TreasureHouse aren’t just preaching about sustainable fashion, they are practising it across the whole business. The clothes that aren’t suitable for the website are donated to charity.

Check out their website for more information and check back here soon as I’ve ordered a welcome gift.

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