4 Simple Christmas Hand/Foot-print Crafts For Toddlers

4 Simple Christmas Hand/Foot-print Crafts For Toddlers!

Looking for some Christmas fun? Or wanting to make Grandma and Grandad an extra special present? Here’s 5 simple Christmas Crafts you can do at home, they don’t take much time. Anyone can do them!

1. Snowman Fingerprint Wrapping Paper

I love making our own wrapping paper! You will need a large roll of plain brown packing sheets/paper, white paint, felt tip markers.

Roll out the brown paper. Using your finger print, make a snowman shape. When dried, add eyes and buttons, hats and scarfs to the snowman using the markers.

2. Reindeer Foot Print Card

These are my favourite footprint cards that we have made. You will need brown paint, card or paper, googly eyes, red pom poms!

Paint your child’s foot with brown paint and place two footprints on your card. Draw antlers near the toes and wait to dry.

Aff googly eyes and a nice big red nose! Had a Merry Christmas message and even some sparkle.

3. Foot Print Tree

You will need green paint, glue, glitter or sequins.

Paint your toddlers feet with the green paint and place down on plain paper approx 8 times for you have plenty of footprints.

Once dried, cut out the footprints and arrange into a tree shape – Place 3 trees at the base, 2 a row higher, 2 higher and finally 1 on the top.

Add glitter or sequins and don’t forget to add a star!

4. Hand Print Wreath

This is another easy one, similar to the footprint Christmas tree. You will need green paint and plenty of paper.

Paint your child’s hand and print several hand prints depending on how big you would like you wreath.

Once dried, stick handprints together and decorate!

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