What’s The Hardest Part Of Parenting?

We all know that parenting is hard! I asked my readers on Facebook what’s the hardest part of parenting?

Here’s what a few of them had to say….

Messy play. Give me poopy nappies and vomit any day, but I can’t stand the potential of paint and Play-doe all over the shop!’

‘Lack of sleep!! And definitely parental guilt, having to work to give them what they need and wanting to give them more but them not quite understanding why you can’t be at every assembly/play/outing that they do’

‘The guilt!!! Constantly wondering if you are doing your best!’

‘The hardest part for me is when they grow up and they don’t need you anymore and you feel like you’re missing out on their lives because they now have their own lives.’

‘Trying to keep your emotions under control be it anger at there actions or short temper from lack of sleep or my favorite trying not to laugh when there naughty. Emotions / actions are hard to control.’

‘Giving up your independence – having to check with someone (husband or other family member) if it’s “okay” to make a hair appointment or go out with friends (i.e. checking that they are available to look after the little one).’

‘When they’re babies and you just don’t know what’s wrong with them or when any age and ill/in pain and you can’t take it away.’

‘Any part of it when you run out of coffee! ‘

‘Not enough time to do and be everything you want to do and be.’

‘Having to listen to other parents with their opinions on how you should be raising your child and where you’re going wrong because their child is so perfect even when you know you’re doing your best and doing nothing wrong!’

‘Not knowing if you are doing the right thing. Oh and parenting a mini version of yourself!’

‘Having to watch them make mistakes but needing to let them learn how to avoid them.’

One thing I noticed was that ‘mum guilt’ came up more than once. So many mums will suffer with mum guilt! Guilt over what your child eats, guilt over how much TV they watch, guilt over going to work, guilt over staying at home, the list goes on and on!

Regardless of what you do and your own situation, everyone feels guilty whatever you do!

Mums deserve a break too! We also need to learn not to judge other mums! What works for us may not be right for them. Do what’s right for you and your family.

3 thoughts on “What’s The Hardest Part Of Parenting?

  1. THe hardest part for me is looking after poorly babies when you’re poorly yourself. I suppose it ties in with lack of sleep too. It’s a tricky one!

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