Whether the MOMO Challenge is REAL or Fake, We Need To Monitor What Are Children Are Doing Online!

By now you must have read the stories on social media about the MOMO challenge and you will have definitely seen the creepy photo (which I’m not going to share as I’m sick of seeing it). Lots of big, national newspapers seem to be spreading fear to us parents without little evidence that the MOMO challenge is a real thing! There’s also lots of articles out there is you look saying how it is a hoax.

Whatever it is, I think that the real issue is that us as parents must know what our children are doing online! We must keep them safe and monitior their online activity regularly.

All three of my children are too young to be on social media themselves and won’t be using it for many years. Joshua is the only one who really uses the laptop and then it is only for homework – such as EducationCity and TT Rockstar which I set up for. Occassionally the three of them will sit and watch a programme on the tablet on Netflix, one that I put on for them and I’m in the same room.

And that is it! They don’t watch YouTube, even KidsYouTube or play online games as I don’t see the need for them to be online.

I understand our children are living in a world full of technology but they are children for such a short space of time! Joshua loves to read at the moment which I love, but of course he also loved television. He also has started to play on his dads playstation from time to time. We like to play Harry Potter Lego together and he has started to play Fifa with his dad. To him this is amazing!

I understand as my children grow older they will want more freedom with technology. Joshua is 7 next and he won’t be getting a tablet of his own any time soon. When he asks to go online we let him but we supervise him to keep him safe online.

For more information about internet safety for children, I found the webiste National Online Safety very helpful. There are guides for all social media platforms and age restrictions if you’re unclear.

What do you guys think?

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