The Potty Stage is Worse Than Nappies.

The potty stage is definitely worse than changing nappies in my eyes! I’m so glad that my son finally prefers the toilet and is fully potty trained.

A while ago I wrote about how I wasn’t ready to start potty training my twins.

Don’t get me wrong, I was super proud when Oscar decided he wanted to start using the potty and stop wearing nappies. It was his decision one morning and we just went with it. Oscar and Isla were three in March and both had no interest in learning to use the toilet or potty up until that point.

I saw no point in rushing it or trying to force it. Children all learn in their own time.

As soon as he put his mind to it he picked it up pretty quickly and was doing so well!

But he was scared of the toilet, so his blue potty had to come everywhere with us and I mean everywhere! When we went shopping or to school to pick up his brother the potty had to be carried. We even took it to our yoga class and play groups.

In the end we were desperate for him to just use the toilet as it wasn’t always easy to empty a potty when your in a car park or on the beach! Plus there was something about having to empty a potty that’s worse that changing a nappy, it turns my stomach haha.

Finally Oscar is happy to use the toilet, the accidents are extremely rare and he’s even nappy-less at night!

I’ve love to say ‘Yes! that’s it were done!’ But as you know, Oscar is a twin and his twin sister isn’t interested at using the potty or a toilet at all at the moment. So sometime in the near future, I’ll have to do it all over again!

Any tips to encourage a very stubborn little girl to use the toilet would be appreciated! Thanks for reading.

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