Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt from Wonder Adventures

You must know by now how much my family and I love a treasure hunt? We’re always on the lookout for a trail of some kind wherever we go. They provide lots of fun and keeps the kids happy and entertained too!

Just before the Easter weekend, I was kindly asked to check out the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt from Wonder Adventures. You will probably have heard of Wonder Adventures as I’ve luckily worked with these fantastic guys before at Halloween for the Hocus Pocus School of Wizardry and at Christmas for the Elf Adventure Challenge. Both brilliant events!

I jumped at the chance (obviously as I love a treasure hunt as much as the kids) as it sounded so much fun, this treasure hunt is described as Interactive Fun Themed Treasure Hunts for Kids.

Once you purchase the treasure hunt pack (I was gifted the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt pack in order to tell you all about it), you get access to videos, clues, puzzles, songs as well as PDF instructions and printable certificates of completion.

There’s some prep work to do before you start the treasure hunt which was pretty simple. Beforehand I read the instructions and printed out the clue cards and bone puzzles.

As it was the Easter weekend, I also bought a load of chocolate eggs for the kids to find too!

Whilst Daddy entertained the kids I headed out to set up the treasure hunt. We were staying in our caravan over the Easter weekend which is by the coast, I thought that would be an amazing place for a dino treasure hunt so I headed to the beach.

I placed some chocolate eggs with the puzzle pieces and a clue cards and put them into their hiding places and waited for Daddy and the kids to join me on the beach.

I logged into my account in order to access the videos and the kids watched the Ranger explain what they were going to do. The videos were fun, full of singing and dancing, the kids especially enjoyed learning the Dino Rap song!

These treasure hunt activities are truly unique and brilliant fun for children aged between 3-8.

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