The ‘Secret’ Garden of Heysham

With lockdown restrictions starting to be lifted, last weekend we headed to the coast to stay at our family caravan for the weekend. After months of not being able to go, it felt fabulous to be out and about.

As you may already know, our caravan is close to Morecambe, in a village called Bolton-Le-Sands. On Sunday we decided to walk along Morecambe’s promenade to the small village of Heysham, something we have done many times over the last few years. There’s lots to see and do on the walk from Morecambe to Heysham including a climbing wall, water fountains and a little playground. Check out the post I wrote about our first trip to Heysham back in 2018.

Usually in the month of July, we head to Heysham for the annual Viking Festival. You can read about when we went he Festival a year or two ago here. This event is always lots of fun but I’m guessing it will be postponed this year unfortunately.

There’s lots of interesting and historical things to see and read about in Heysham including checking out the stone graves and the ancient ruins of St Patrick’s chapel.

It was an extremely windy walk to Heysham on Sunday, the kids loved that we kept getting wet from the waves! As we reached the village, the wind settled and the sun came out. We visited a little tea shop and enjoyed ice creams and coffees. Heaven.

On our way back through the village to the coast we passed St Peter’s Church and a sign caught my eye- ‘Glebe Garden’. From the road I could see a beautiful garden full of pretty flowers and it looked like it was open to the public. We followed the sign and it lead us through the church yard.

Well, we then found a perfect oasis! The garden was lovely and very well kept, with colourful flowers everywhere. The kids seemed interested to look around too and I thought we’d get a quick walk round before they got bored.

Little did we know what treasures and surprises were hidden as we walked through the gardens, the kids didn’t want to leave! Hidden amongst the trees, brushes and plants were fairies, little houses, faces, animals and so much more!

It was such a lovely spot, there were plenty of benches in the garden so we could have taken a few minutes to rest in the sun. Although I had no chance of that, there was too much to see and my children thought it was wonderful. We must have circled the garden several times as we kept missing some of the little trinkets dotted around.

We’ll certainly be back soon. I’m not sure how we missed this beautiful garden on our past visits. Our children called it their very own secret garden.

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