A Day Out In Heysham

Five years ago we (well Grandparents) bought a caravan just outside of Morecambe, in Bolton-Le-Sands. One of my favourite things about the area is we seem to discover new things and places to go all this time and this recent visit was no exception.

We love nothing more than a walk along Morecambe promenade taking in the view of the bay. I thought I knew the local area pretty well after 5 years of visiting. We usually park close to The Midland Hotel and head away from the hotel to the stone jetty, beaches, cafes and amusement arcades. We decided to park a little further in the opposite direction, close to The Beach Cafe. There was a small pay and display car park, although there was plenty of road parking too. Immediately as we got onto the promenade we found a fab water feature! The kids were in their element!

Unfortunately it wasn’t a sunny day, but we all decided to head back there with swim wear and sandals (for the kids!) in the future and we can’t wait.

My son recently learnt to ride his bike without stabillisers and all he wants to do is ride. This part of the prom was great for that. It was wider than the more central part and a lot quieter. Every couple of meters there was information on the floor, including facts about the history of Morecambe. The kids loved reading these, racing each to other to the next fact.

We decided to continue walking and carry on into Heysham, somewhere I hadn’t really visited before, just passed through in the car. We found a climbing wall on our walk as well as some keep fit ‘shadows’ which really made the walk more enjoyable for everyone!

We soon found a fab little playgroup. It had a very clean sand pit complete with with digger and boat, a slide, several swings, a tunnel, games and balance beams. Our kids loved it and we couldn’t get them away.

From reading the board in the park, it was funded by the local community, I loved the colourful painted rocks that went all around the park. How lovely!

In a field across from the park, there was several horses and their foals. The kids loved watching the horses, they even came right up to the fence to say hello!

We carried on along the sea wall and soon climbed up into Heysham. That’s when we came across a very quaint tea rooms, The Mad Hatters. There was lots of buntings and flowers, I loved it!

The cafe is a sort of fancy ‘shed’ rather than a building, but is extremely cute and actually very pretty. Also extremely cheap, with a tea or a coffee only £1! There was also sandwiches and plenty of cakes, which we couldn’t say no! Also, don’t forget about the fantastic views!

We then went for a stroll around the village and I feel in love! Tiny streets of beautiful cottages with perfect gardens!

We stumbled upon a church and I saw a National Trust sign. St Patricks Chapel and it’s ruins were lovely to walk around, and again that view!

The kids were happy as we found a couple of #pebbleart rocks that they re hid.

We had a fantastic family day out. It took us over an hour to walk to Heysham from the water fountains in Morecambe, that was with several stops and a play in the park. We managed to walk back in about 45 minutes. There was 5 adults, 2 children on bikes and 2 in a double pram on our walk, all was easily accessible.

21 thoughts on “A Day Out In Heysham

  1. What a lovely and very thorough description of Heysham village. Great photos. The Mad Hatters cafe has great cakes and there are several fantastic cafes and an excellent pub in the village. There is so much history to discover too, needs a second and third visit! Thanks for sharing your blog on the New Morecambe and Heysham FB page.

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  2. I love seeing everyone doing pebble art, it would be such a lovely thing to come across when your out with kids! We are going to paint some of our own and dot them around the local beach! Heysham looks great though, the kids looked like they had a whale of a time!

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