10 Totally Awesome & FREE Things To Do In Your Garden This Summer

Check out these totally awesome and completely FREE activities that you and the kids can do in your back garden over the summer holiday. 1. Rock Painting We love painting rocks and the bonus of doing it in the garden is less mess! Last summer we painted loads of rocks (some that we had foundContinue reading “10 Totally Awesome & FREE Things To Do In Your Garden This Summer”

Finding a little me time to actually read a book…

If anyone ever asks if I have any hobby I always say I like reading. Before my twins were born I would read several books a month, I actually love to read! I love to read a mixture from ‘chick-lit’ to drama, historical stories to thrillers. The truth is that in the last 2 maybeContinue reading “Finding a little me time to actually read a book…”

The Potty Stage is Worse Than Nappies.

The potty stage is definitely worse than changing nappies in my eyes! I’m so glad that my son finally prefers the toilet and is fully potty trained. A while ago I wrote about how I wasn’t ready to start potty training my twins. Don’t get me wrong, I was super proud when Oscar decided heContinue reading “The Potty Stage is Worse Than Nappies.”

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt from Wonder Adventures

You must know by now how much my family and I love a treasure hunt? We’re always on the lookout for a trail of some kind wherever we go. They provide lots of fun and keeps the kids happy and entertained too! Just before the Easter weekend, I was kindly asked to check out theContinue reading “Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt from Wonder Adventures”

What’s In The Buckt Box This Month?

By now you must have heard of Buckt Box? Buckt is the UK’s only tickets and activities subscription box. Every month, Greater Manchester subscribers get 5 mystery things to do in the region delivered straight to their door in one of the Buckt Boxes. From cinema tickets to sumo suit wrestling, restaurants to rage rooms,Continue reading “What’s In The Buckt Box This Month?”

Our Top 6 Story Books for Pre-Schoolers To Read This Spring

Lots of parents of young children will be looking for some stories about springtime. Why not head to your local library and check out some of the lovely stories about springtime and baby animals? We’ve packed up all our books about winter and put together this list of our top 6 favorite story books toContinue reading “Our Top 6 Story Books for Pre-Schoolers To Read This Spring”

Our Trip To Cockfields Farm – Easter Wonderland

  We headed to Cockfields Farm on the first day of the Easter half term. We love visiting Cockfields and the kids were extremely excited! For information about what’s on for the Easter Wonderland event, tickets and booking see here. The kids ran in and we decided to head straight to the events and activitiesContinue reading “Our Trip To Cockfields Farm – Easter Wonderland”