Why My Family Loves to be Outdoors. 

Come rain or shine, at the weekend you’ll pretty much always find me and my family outside! Unless it’s torrential rain, we put on our walking boots, waterproofs and all head outdoors.

As a family, we all prefer to be outside and we love exploring new places! We are National Trust members and we renew every year as we get so much out of it. Definitely worth the money.

I’m not one for soft play centres at the weekend (too busy) and I’m not one for  having ‘relaxing, staying home’ days at the weekend (not relaxing with 3 young kids). So we go out!

Don’t get me wrong, kids don’t generally like walking and my eldest isn’t any different. We try to keep him entertained on the walk. He loves a ‘trail’, whether its a nature trail that we’ve made up (‘can you see a horse, some red berries and a stick etc) or a organised trail in a NT garden. We have taken part in loads of fab trails, from welly ones, hootys owl trail, reindeer trails and even a Lego trail!

More recently we stumbled across finding rocks. The ‘paint and hide rocks craze’  came from Morecambe and Lancaster where people tag the back of the rock with #pebbleart.

We were lucky enough to find lots of these painted rocks on weekends away, we’ve even brought some home and hid them more locally. It keeps children entertained whilst walking and it’s lots of fun!

We even painted a few and hid them in local parks such as Uppermill Park and Alexander Park. Now there’s even a Facebook page called Tameside Rocks, so look out, they’re everywhere!

Last year I was introduced to Geocaching. What’s geocaching I hear you cry? In a nutshell, it’s an outdoor activity where you use a GPS system (mobile phone and geocaching app) to find and seek containers and the best park for kids, sometimes they contain treasure!! There are millions around the world, so chances are you’re near one right now! 

We are hooked (and a little obsessed, I think my friends & family think we’re bonkers) but we love it and it makes a day out into a real adventure!

I hope I haven’t bored you going on about the great outdoors, maybe we could go treasure hunting together one time? Or on a nature walk?

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