Get Outside This Winter With These Free Kids Activities

Get Outside This Winter With These Free Winter Activities.

We love to be outside, the kids seem happier when they can run free! They love wearing their wellies and jumping in muddy puddles (like Peppa). It can feel like hard work getting out and about during the winter months but there’s still fun to be had outide!

Go For A Winter Walk

Simple but perfect for a winters day. My kids are happiest outside in their wellies! Show them some puddles and give them a stick and they’ll have lots of fun. Try to make the walk fun so they don’t get bored.

How about playing Eye-Spy as you walk? My kids like to spot things so for example how many horses will they see or how many Beech trees!

We love a ‘trail’, whether its a nature trail that we’ve made up (‘can you see a horse, some red berries and a stick etc) or a organised trail in a NT garden. We have taken part in loads of fab trails, from welly ones, hootys owl trail, reindeer trails and even a Lego trail!


I’ve spoke about Geocaching before (see here) and what makes it even better that it’s a free activity that can be done whatever the weather. Check out Geocaching online and I would recommend getting an app for your phone. After we got hooked, we decided to pay a monthly subscription (aorund £4.80 a month) for a premium app but you don’t have too.

My eldest loves following the map and gets excited as we get nearer to the actual cache. We enjoy then hunting for whatever the treasure may be.

Play in the Snow

Kids love the snow! Why not wrap up and head outdoors when it snows this winter. A fun activity with snow is to paint it! All you need is a little food colouring and some water, place the mixture in some squirty bottles for lots of fun!

My three love to dig in the snow so you could get out the buckets and spades too! In fact most beach toys are fun in the snow. Of course if there’s enough snow you could build a snowman!

Make bird feeders

Why don’t you make some bird feeders next time your looking for an outdoor activity? Not only is it great for the wildlife through the winter, but it’s a fab activity for toddlers and making them outdoors keeps the mess outside too!

We made some really easy feeders at Two Hoots forest school recently by threading cereal hoops onto pipe cleaners, which is also a great way to improve a childs fine motor skills. There are lots of easy ways to make bird feers.

We like to use pine cones, it can be a little messy nut my little ones love it!

How To Make A Pine Cone Bird Feeder:

  • Tie a piece of string around your pine cone,
  • Mix lard or suet in a bowl,
  • Add bird seeds, raisins, grated cheese and peanuts with your fingertips (it’s a messy job!)
  • Spread the googey mixture onto the pine cones, trying to get as much as you can in the pine cones gaps.
  • Leave the cone to set in the cold for a while then hang up for the bird!

Play In The Garden or Local Park

Grab the coats, pop on the kids hats and scarfs, make a brew and head outdoors! There’s some much fun to be had in the garden even in the winter!

  • Blow bubbles so the kids can catch them,
  • Set up an obstacle course,
  • Play ball,
  • Pull weeds, do some digging and gardening (just don’t call it work),
  • If it’s been wet, jump in the puddles- kids love their wellies!
  • A favourite of ours – paint the fence with water! All you need is water and a paint brush!

Once we come back in from playing outside in the cold, there’s nothing like getting warm with a hot chocolate, a film or a story and a cuddle on the sofa! Here’s a couple of our favourite rainy day activities that we like to enjoy once we’re indoors. Maybe snuggle up with a winter story book, check out our favouite winter story books.

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  1. Must try Geocaching, think my kids would love it but haven’t got round to it yet.


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