Rainy Day Activities

My family love to be outside. But sometimes it’s just not possible when the weather is too bad! So on days where it just pours and pours, how do you keep your little ones entertained whilst keeping your own sanity?

Here’s some of our favourite activities to do when we can’t get outdoors.

  • Make some music

When we’re stuck indoors, we love to get all our musical instruments out and play some tunes! From rattles to a drum, whatever you have will do. You can make homemade shakers using an empty water bottle and some rice or pasta. Just make some noise!

  • Build a Den.

My kids love building a den, who doesn’t? We like to get a bed sheet and put it over the kitchen table. We then get our favourite toys and books and all hide in the den. Maybe enjoy a snack under there too!

  • Get messy with the paints.

In the past I usually strip the Toddlers off (for less mess) and let them get as messy as they like. Recently we received some tunic bibs from Messy Me and there fab at keeping them clean too! I know messy play isn’t for everyone and I don’t always like the mess either. I find it easiest when I haven’t got any plans, so I’m not worrying about getting clean or in a rush. I also let them paint on the kitchen floor, rather than on the table as the paint just wipes right off.

I find my two prefer their hands or homemade stampers (toilet rolls see photos) than paint brushes, easier for little hands.

I let them lead, I try not to worry to much about the mess and try to enjoy myself too!

  • Water play.

A brilliant one for after painting too! My two love playing with water. At the local playgroup they’re always at the water table! At home I find it so much easier to run a bath and let them play! Who said bathtime means bedtime?

My kids love a bath, especially in the middle of the day. Throw in their favourite bath toys, we love to blow bubbles too! Mine love to sing songs in the bath, I also use the bath foam numbers when singing.

Top tip- Put them in the bath straight after messy paint play!

  • Sit & read.

We like to put comfy cushions on the floor and surround ourselves with our favourite books. Toddlers love books and my 2 have loads. We can sit and read together or they can look at them independently. Fill your den with books too!

  • Sensory play

For their first Christmas, my two received a lovely sensory box from Grandma. We still love to play with it now and a rainy day is a great opportunity to get it out.

You can buy sensory boxes ready made or can easily make them yourself. Fill them with different materials and items for your little ones to explore.

  • Picnic on the floor

We love having picnics on our outings, why not have one at home? We change up our routine, ditch the highchairs and all sit on the floor. I put a large mat on the floor, filled with sandwiches, fruit & crisps, my little ones love it!

  • Splash in the puddles.

If the rain stops long enough, throw on their waterproofs & wellies and head outside. My little girl finally fits in some wellies, she has tiny feet! Kids love puddles and to explore.

What do you and your little ones do on a rainy day?

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities

  1. Cardboard boxes are great to save for rainy days – paint them, climb inside them and transform them into cars, boats or rockets, use them for building…

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