The One With The Friends Fest!

This weekend, me and some friends went to Heaton Park in Manchester to attend Friends Fest! We were really excited (even through we went last year). Friends Fest celebrates everything FRIENDS in a fantastic tour all over the UK. It returned this year after the success of 2017 and I’m sure it will be back at Heaton Park next year.

Friends was a massive part of my life when it was on and I still watch it now. I was and am a massive fan, I grew up loving the show and all the characters. Friends ran between 1994 to 2004 and I can remember being gutted when we found out season 10 would be the final season.

We met at Heaton Park for a fun filled day! We were over the moon the weather stayed dry and the sun even came out for most of the day!

As we entered, we got our tickets and bags quickly checked then decided to head straight for some food and a drink! As expected in this sort of event, the food was expensive at £5 for one slice of pizza and £6 for some hallumi fries! The fries were delicious, but you don’t get many. I thought soft drinks were expensive, £2.50 for a bottle of pop, but prosecco and cocktails seemed reasonable at £6.50/£7.50 a glass.

After a pit stop and some time enjoying the sun, we had a look around and decided to check out what’s going on.

One of the first things we queued up for was to recreate the titles scene. We arrived at midday and found we didn’t have to queue long for anything which was great!

Big Friends fans would love this. You can hear the Friends theme tune playing whilst you wait. As it gets nearer to your turn, the crew ask you how many umbrellas you’ll need and offer to take your photo. You get the chance to do three poses.

Next we headed into Central Perk where you’re able to sit in the iconic sofas for a photo. Phoebe’s guitar sits in the corner, another great photo opportunity! Throughout the day, crew members play the guitar and sing some of Phoebe’s songs!

There’s also opportunity to dress up in a wedding dress and visit Ross and Rachel’s Wedding Chapel….

And brand new for 2018 for the huge photo frame which was lots of fun…..

And of course the brand new brilliant Pivot! scene.

After this we had some time to just chill out before the actual tour. When you buy your ticket, you select a time for the tour.

We decided to find some deck chairs and enjoy watching Friends, Friends and more Friends!

It was so then our turn to go on tour! At your allocated time, you enter the tour and spend about half an hour looking round the sets of Monica & Rachel’s apartment, Chandler & Joey’s and brand new for this year, Ross’s apartment! Check out some of our photos…..

The One With The Canoe

Monica and Rachel’s Apartment

The Hallway

Ross’s Apartment.

We had so much fun and can’t wait for next year.

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