Busy Mum Life- Feel A Little Healthier

I’ve been feeling tired recently. More tired than normal. Yes I’m a busy mum and running around after toddler twins and a giddy 6 year old is tiring also working part time and keeping my blog up to date is hard work too, but I’ve not felt myself recently. Like I said I feel tired most of the time, drained too but also I have noticed my skin seems to be bad at the moment and I have put a couple of pounds on over the past few months.

It’s hard to puy my finger on what it is but I believe the lack of sleep (my three sleep well, I just don’t!), no exercise what so ever (apart from rushing too and from everywhere with my three) and a pretty bad diet (I’ve fallen back into so bad habits) definitely doesn’t help!

Over the years since being pregnant with my first child, I have been to slimming world and I successfully lost the weight I wanted. Combined with the occasional run (I’m terrible at exercising) I felt a lot healthier than I do now.

I’ve just slipped back into bad habits!

This is why I have started my new series- Busy Mum Life. To help me feel a little healthier! That’s the aim anyway. I don’t want to put lots of pressure on myself by a target of how much weight I want to lose, or an unrealistic exercise goal. I just aim to make small changes to my day to day routine that will hopefully lead to me feeling happier and healthier in myself.

Firstly I aim to look at my diet! I’ve slowly slipped back into lazy bad habits, ranging from some days just living off coffee to other days eating junk none stop! I’m hoping to share recipe ideas and meal plans with you and would love to get some tips!

Mummy must make sure she eats better!

I need to get back to basics with some form of exercise. Now I am a busy mum who hates the gym so I’m not going to be paying out for an expensive gym membership. Also I don’t have much time for myself as it is so I will be looking for some exercises I can do at home and also trying to do the occasional run. I’d love to know if you do a form of ‘easy’ excercise at home!?

Mummy should be running after us rather than taking a selfie!

I will be looking for some advice from other mums and maybe experts when it comes to self care and beauty tips, from creams to bath products! I’ve never suffered with bad skin until the occasional out break since having children. I sometimes now get dry skin on my face and hands. Also I have terrible black bags under my eyes, guessing that comes with having twins! Ha.

Mummy should have nice bubble bath like us!

So, please join in with my new series and offer any advice or tips you may have.

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