Busy Mum Life – A Little Update….

So you will probably remember a week or two ago I wrote about starting a new blog series called Busy Mum Life. Well I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and wanted to update you guys on what I’ve been up to. This series is all about busy mums, trying to feel a little healthier and taking some time out for yourself. The main reasons for me starting this series is I have been feeling more tired than normal lately and a little fed up. I sometimes lack energy and have slowly been putting a bit of weight on over the last few months.

I’ve decided enough is enough and I’m doing something about it. What has been great is the response I have had from you guys, I’ve had lots of other mums staying they feel the exact same way! So here’s what I’ve been up too:

#getoutdoorsinoctober Challenge.

I’ve been really enjoying getting involved with @andbreathe_survivingparenting on Instagram and her October outdoor challenge. The aim of the challenge is to get outdoors every day in October. Finding time to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air can improve your wellbeing and we have loved it. I have taken the kids to the park after school which they thought was a treat, we been for family walks once daddy’s was home from work and I’ve walked different routes to and from work.

I love to be outdoors, especially with the kids. What ever the weather I feel better getting some fresh air and we’ve been having so much fun. Being outdoors clears your head, helps keep you active helping you feel a little fitter.

There’s still time to join in, check out @andbreathe_survivingparenting on Instagram.

Mama Treats

I was sent this beautifully smelling box to review, which couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

The box is full of holistic and healing products to support your journey of Motherhood, products to treat and pamper yourself!

The box sounded perfect for me, I’m desperate for a little pampering. I’ve never used healing products before but I can’t wait to check them out. Look out for more information as I explore the products.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

A fellow blogger Lakes Single Mum posted about starting a 30 day fitness challenge for over the month of October and I thought why not!? What have I got to lose?

I haven’t done any type of exercise for a while now so this was definitely going to be a challenge. What has been lovely is how a few of my followers have been joining in with the challenge too, making me feel better knowing I’m not doing it alone.

I can’t feel my legs and I’ve only done 6 days! Haha. Wish me luck.

My Mum Stories – Inspired By Joseph

Photographer and fellow Oldham mum, Bev is on a mission to get more mum’s on photos rather than always being the ones to the photo. As part of her mission, Bev has interiviewed several mum’s in her blog series called My Mum Stories.

The stories are from local real life mums, (like me!) talking motherhood, careers, children and everything inbetween. Have a read now via the link above.


I already feel a little better. Keep reading and keep a look out for much more. I’m starting a new challenge next week, more to come soon…..


6 thoughts on “Busy Mum Life – A Little Update….

  1. Good luck out and about mummy. You are being brilliantly positive. I think whatever’s up exercise always helps! Ellie x

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  2. Oh my gosh, October is THE month for personal development and change, isn’t it? I suppose that goes hand in hand with the seasons changing. Good luck on your 30 day fitness challenge! I should probably lose a few lb before Christmas rolls around!

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  3. This sounds like a great challenge and we love nothing better than Autumn walks in the sunshine to lift spirits and get a bit healthier. We’re going to look into #getoutdoorsinoctober

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