It’s The End Of An Era

This weekend we changed our twin’s cots into toddler beds. Not only that but they no longer share a room either. It may not seem like a big deal but it definitely felt like the end of era to me.

For two years and six months they have shared a room each night. We didn’t rush to change their cots into beds as we didn’t see the need. They didn’t climb and have been happy in their

A couple of reasons for the change now was that we have a 3 bed house, so the likelihood is that Joshua (my eldest) would have to share with Oscar, leaving his twin sister Isla to have her own room. Also we decided we needed a declutter before Christmas, so seemed like a great time to sort all the toys and their bedrooms.

I think the change affected mummy more than them. Isla was over the moon with her lovely pink room, full of her favourite teddies and dolls. Oscar also was pretty happy to be surrounded with cars and all Joshua’s Lego.

I prepared myself for a tough couple of nights but nothing! They went to bed just as normal, Oscar fell asleep without a fuss. Isla played up a little but just as normal. Soon all three had fallen alseep and slipped into the new era.

I was surprised how easy it was and I suppose a little sad. No longer are they babys. I’m also a little sad my twins don’t share a room anymore. Then I think that I shouldn’t be so silly, it’s just where they sleep!

I heard Isla get up the first morning and walk to her baby gate. The first thing out of her mouth was ‘Oscar, you awake?’. Lovely x

5 thoughts on “It’s The End Of An Era

  1. I remember when our two moved into separate rooms … in hindsight it turned into an opportunity to fill two rooms with loads of toys!

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