Sizergh Castle and Gardens

Over the weekend we visited our caravan near Morecambe. We woke on the Saturday morning to a beautiful sunny autumn day so decided to head to Sizergh Castle and Gardens near Kendal.

Sizergh Castle is one of our favourite National Trust places to visit and as members we can enjoy so many cheap and fantastic days out. As a member, it was free to park at Sizergh Castle, enter the grounds and garden and even the castle if we wanted to.

We definitely chose the perfect weekend to visit, as we arrived the staff told us all about the woodland events they had on this weekend including making a witches broom…..

…… Which the kids loved!

…… Joshua enjoyed making some gypsy flowers by using a saw……

…. He even got to use an axe and spilt some wood!

Oscar and Isla soon wanted to explore so we headed towards the gardens.

The colours in the garden were amazing, so many beautiful trees and leaves of the autumn colours.

As we were enjoying the view we decided to have our picnic on a lovely beach that was under a huge tree! Daddy climbed down the rocky path to take our photo.

After lunch, the kids enjoyed collecting different shaped and coloured leaves, pine cones, acorns, anything really! They just love the freedom of being outdoors.

We left the pram in the car so Oscar and Isla would really explore. They loved walking through the vegetable garden, asking Joshua to read the names of what’s growing. We even found some pumpkins!

The kids loved walking the orchards, passed the chickens and searching for the castles pet, Chester the Cat!

The views as you walk round the grounds are fantastic!

We collected twigs and leaves and played a favourite game of ours; Pooh Sticks.

We carried on walking and headed back towards the cafe. We had a quick drink and a snack before heading to the Wild Play Trail!

The Wild Play Trail starts just outside of the car park and take you firstly over a style and along a path towards the woodland.

Along the trail we came across many stepping stones, beams, ropes, bridges, wooden animals……

…. Tunnels!

Even Daddy had to go through the tunnel!

All three of them had a fab time. We needed to help our youngest two with lots of the trail but they still loved it!

At the end of the trail we found a couple of dens that had been made.

We all had a lovely day, Sizergh Castle is a place we have visited several times before but we love coming back to.

Thanks for reading.

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