Our Visit to The Ice Cream Farm

Over the weekend we travelled to The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire to take part in the Elf Adventure Challenge. We’ve never been to The Ice Cream Farm before, Joshua however went with his auntie during the summer.

We parked up and headed through the entrance. It’s free to enter, you just pay for the activities as you go on them. We did actually decide to buy a VIP play pass, we have three children so it will work out cheaper using a pass. Also, the VIP pass was half price and it doesn’t expire!

Before heading to the Elf Adventure Challenge, we checked out the fantastic play-area, ‘Daisy’s Garden’. This is completey free of charge and fab for all ages! There was swings, climbing frames and so much more. My three children loved it!

Joshua is car mad, so when we saw the quad bikes at ‘Silvercone’, I knew we’d be having a few turns on these. Joshua is old enough to ride alone, me and Daddy took turn with the twins so everyone got a go to whiz around the track!

Next we headed to the teepees for the Elf Adventure Challenge, don’t forget to read all about our experience!

After the elf challenge we headed for an ice cream! The kids got distracted on the way, there’s so much to see and do! We never got chance to jump around the ‘Marshmellow Moud’ or go searching for gems in ‘Gemstones Cove’. After a photo or two of the kids sat in some big tracters, we decided it was defienlty ice cream time!

It took us quite a while to all decide which ice cream we would like, well there is over 50 flavours! The boys were easy, they wanted chocolate! Isla decided she wanted anything pink, so I chose raspberry ripple for her! I chose peanut, choc caramel with toffee sauce! Yum!

We next headed to the ‘Honeycomb Canyon’, Europes largest indoor sand and water play area! This was fantastic and it was definitely the kids favourite play area at the Ice Cream Farm. I was so impressed how big it was, there was plenty to do, all three of my children had so much fun!

We’ll be back soon to the Ice Cream Farm, we didn’t have time to play adventure golf at ‘Strawberry Falls’ or visit the furry animals at ‘Fudge Farm’.

We had a lovely day out, have you visited The Ice Cream Farm?

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