Why I Was Meant To Be A Twin Mummy

‘Rather you than me!’

‘Here comes double trouble!’

‘Oh you’ve got your hands full!’

Over the past few years I’ve heard plenty of negative comments when people realise I have twins. People’s faces were a picture when I was pregnant and I told them I was expecting twins.

Even during pregnancy, people were quick with the negative comments about how different and hard it would be, how I would never sleep again!

But I’ve come to realise I was meant to be a twin mummy! Those people were right, it is different and harder than one baby. Looking after newborn twins were nothing like when I had my first born son.

I always knew I wanted children. After I had my first little boy I knew I wanted him to have brothers and sisters! I never in a million years expected my second and third children to be twins.

There is definitely something special about being a twin mummy. Yes we’re outnumbered like all the time, it’s double the amount of work, tantrums, nappies, feeding time but it’s double the amount of love, laugher and fun! I’ve found patience that I never knew I had, I learnt how to feed two baby’s at once and change nappies in record time!

I was meant to be a twin mummy, it’s an extra special job and I’m grateful everyday that it’s my job!

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6 thoughts on “Why I Was Meant To Be A Twin Mummy

  1. It takes a special person to be a mommy of twins Jen you are that special person you do a wonderful job best mommy award love you mom


  2. People honestly made negative comments when you were pregnant? Wow! How rude. Glad you’ve been able to prove them wrong. X (Anita Faulkner)

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  3. I’m definitely in the “rather you than me” camp I’m afraid, just don’t think I’d cope!


  4. I’m not a twin mummy but have a small age gap so I’m kinda doing some things in tandem like nappy changes etc and it is ruddy hard work! I have nothing but admiration for twin mums, and your little ones are absolutely gorgeous! Having a shared birthday has some advantages…less birthday party stress for you #winning #twinning !!

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