Our Half Term Visit To Cockfields Farm – Hogfields School of Wizadry Event

You will probably know by now that me and my family do love a trip to the farm, especially Cockfields Farm. We are so lucky that it’s just down the road. We last visited over Christmas for their spectacular Christmas experience event (you can read all about it here).

We were back during the February half term to check out their Hogfields School of Wizardry event, myself and Joshua are big Harry Potter fans so we couldn’t wait to go!

Obviously Joshua dressed up, he’s been counting down the days so he can wear it again! We got to the farm nice and early for when it opened. It was very busy and we queued to get in, but only for a minute or two and we were soon inside!

As I said it was busy which was to be expected as it was half term. What I love about the events at Cockfields Farm is even when it’s busy it doesn’t feel overcrowded. There’s so much to see and do that you don’t need to queue for things or you can move to something else and come back.

We decided to start with the Wizarding Show at Platform 7 and two thirds! This was lots of fun. The kids sat at the front, learning spells, singing, dancing and just having a good time thanks to Professor Virgina Broadbottom (which made the kids giggle). The element of magic and surprise was great, when the spells went wrong smoke appeared from the cauldron and when they got the potion correct bubbles filled the room! It was pure excitment on the kids faces!

Once we watched the show we headed to the School of Wizardy to take part in the wizard activities. We started with wand making which was a lovely crafty activity. The Wizard staff member helped the kids choose a ‘wand’ and some coloured ribbon. We then decorated them before trying out some Wizard poses.

We next followed on to Diagon Alley where we window shopped for Wizard supplies, Hogfields uniform and even an owl!

Luckily we took a break at the Leaky Cauldron where we was able to sample the Butter Beer. Wow was it delicous! We loved it, Isla (my almost 3 year old) actually said it was the best thing she’s ever tasted!

We met the beautiful Alicorn and the Owls which Oscar loved! Then Joshua jumped on a broomstick and flew throught the stars.

Next we headed to the Herbology room where we planted a pot with Professor Sprout! The kids love putting their own soil in their pots before getting the little plant from the professor. She taught Joshua how to care for his plant, he left the farm singing to his plant!

The rest of the day we enjoyed all that the farm had to offer. The kids fed the animals, cuddled the bunnies and guinea pigs, rode the tractors, played in the beach area and on the playground and much much more!

We took our own picnic which we ate in the picnic area but we did visit the cafe for a coffee and a delicous cake (we were there all day so had plenty of time too). The cafe is reasonably priced serving a range of hot and cold food and drinks.

We had a fantatsic day and we will be back very soon! Let us know if you are visiting this half term, I’d love to see your photos! Share them with us via Facebook!

For more information on this event which runs until 24th Feb, see here.

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